Knowledge-Powered AI

RAG and GraphRAG out of the box

Caden provides everything you need to build AI solutions using RAG and GraphRAG so you can build AI-powered applications leveraging your data.

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Model agnostic.
Use any LLM or model you want. We support OpenAI, Google Gemini, Anthropic Claude, Cohere, and open source models through a variety of providers (Llama 3, Mistral).
Format agnostic.
Use our pre-built connectors for common sources like Google Docs, Notion, and more or directly upload using our API or webhooks.
Fully hosted.
No need to worry about infrastructure or scaling. We host all the complicated parts—vector databases, full text search indexes, graph databases, data pipelines, and more.
Easy to integrate.
Use our TypeScript/JavaScript library or REST APIs to integrate with your apps. Leverage our webhooks for real time data ingestion.
Easy to use and troubleshoot.
End-to-end logging to provide full visibility into your AI applications. Identify data issues and LLM errors at any stage of the pipeline.
Rapidly experiment.
Test multiple prompts and models rapidly from your code or our interface.

Knowledge graphs instantly

How it works

  • Create your graph structure

    In code or with our graph builder interface.

  • Connect your data

    In any common format (PDF, text, JSON, CSV, Excel, etc.) or through our API with any format you want.

  • Deploy your graph

    We build it for you using the LLM of your choice. Integrate it with your apps using our REST APIs.

Build chatbots that know your domain and cite their sources, analytics tools that help your team, recomendation systems that help your customers find what they need, and more.
Turn the unstructured into structured and integrate into your apps and workflows. Unstructured documents become APIs and database tables you can build on top of and integrate with..
Directly query and explore your knowledge graph using our tools.

Deploy faster

Best in class developer tooling

Caden provides a TypeScript-first SDK with great developer experience.

First class TypeScript/JavaScript support
Our TypeScript/JavaScript library is our primary SDK and provides exactly the developer experience you expect. Minimal dependencies, runs everywhere from the browser to Node.js, to edge runtimes.
REST APIs and webhooks
Integrate with our REST API or webhooks using just the parts you need. Just want our prompt templates? No problem. Want to ingest your documents, build a knowledge graph, and connect a prompt that uses it to provide product recommendations? No problem, we'll manage it, you just call our API.
const kg = KnowledgeGraph();

const Person = kg.node("Person", { name: z.string() })
const Company = kg.node("Company", { name: z.string(), foundedAt: })

kg.rel(Person, Company, "worksAt")

cadenClient.buildGraph(kg, myDataSource);


Start for free and scale up

Free and custom plans are available today, our Pro plan is launching soon.


$0 /month

Everything you need to get started.

  • 1K documents/mo (PDF, text, and JSON only)
  • 10G of full text and vector search
  • 3 days of log retention
  • Unlimited prompt templates
  • Basic analytics
  • 3 users
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Coming Soon

$199 /month

Everything in free plus:

  • 100K documents/mo (any format)
  • 100G of full text and vector search
  • 30 days of log retention
  • Webhooks
  • Unlimited users
  • Log connectors (OpenTelemetry, Prometheus, etc.)
  • Pre-built knowledge graph templates
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