The expert team that built Caden AI can help with your AI needs. Whether you want to build on top of Caden or need something completely custom, we can help.

Solution design

AI moves fast, let us help you choose the right tools and strike the right balance between cutting-edge and well-proven.

Model, tool, library selection

Select the right model(s), tools, and libraries for your use case.

Design/architecture review

LLM-based apps have different architecture to ensure it is the right fit for your use case.

Prompt Engineering

Let us craft the prompts you need to get the right results.

Create prompts to support your use cases

Prompts are the programming languages of LLMs, sometimes plain language works but typically you need a few more tricks. Craft the prompts that perform for your needs.

Fix, update, refactor prompts that are not performing

Have you been using LLMs but not getting the results you need? We can help evaluate your prompts and make them perform better.

Convert prompts to work with different models

Not all models are prompted equally. Adapt your prompts to work with different models or leverage a multi-prompt/multi-model approach.

Leverage structured prompting

Move beyond simple text prompts to simplify your integrations and leverage advanced LLM capabilities. Whether you need simple structured JSON input and output or more advanced tools like LMQL, DSPy, or Guidance, we can help.

Make AI models your own

If you want to leverage your own high-value data but aren't sure how, we can help. Whether you need a simple text to query interface or advanced fine tuning.

Aggregate multiple data sources into a unified knowledge source

Solve your data siloing by giving users a single AI-powered interface. Define and build the right approach whether that's connecting sources together or building a vector DB powered semantic data lake.

Use plain language to query your data

Build tools to let your users talk to your SQL database, search engine, or business analytics tools.

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)

Leverage RAG to go beyond simple plain language search and generate new results from your data.

Support custom and complex formats

Move beyond plain text and PDF files to unlock your data in your custom or complex data formats.

Secure your data.

Ensure you are interacting with LLMs without leaking private information or secrets.


We know how to build solid, scalable, AI powered products. Let us kick off your MVP with a solid foundation or help you scale up.

Software development

Solid code written to best practices quickly. No offshore agencies, no junior developers, just highly experienced, battle tested, engineers.


Deploy your AI applications on the right platform(s) with best practices and lowest costs.

Operational support

Monitor, maintain, scale, and cost optimize.

Caden AI implementation (free)

Reduce your costs, improve your performance, and build for the future on a solid foundation.

Caden AI setup

Discuss your use case and get you set up on Caden quickly.

Caden AI migration

Evaluate your existing application and determine if Caden is the right fit for you. If it is (and it probably is) we can help you migrate and show you how to get the most out of it.

Caden AI integration

Integrate Caden AI into your existing systems and workflows with our simple APIs and tools.

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